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About Us

Best in Indian, Asian, Sri Lankan Food.

Our History

CIMA CURRY is the small restaurant with great Indian food. In the heart of Zurich, you will find the finest curries all year round. Let yourself be seduced by the exotic scents and indulge in the Asian hospitality.We also provide best party Service and Cattering Services in Zurich. We Have various option for our Customers.

At CIMA CURRY, we strive to always use the freshest produce, and give the best value for money. We pride ourselves on our vast array of dishes, combining various herbs & spices which create tastes and aromas that are diverse and unusual, from fiery hot to delicately sublime. With mild to hot curries and lightly spiced as well as more about flavours, the menu will appeal to all connoisseurs of this traditional cuisine..

Our Philosophy

You are what you eat

Asian Cuisines

A cuisine is a characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions, usually associated with a specific culture or region.

Great Food

The world is full of good food.Any we try to always prepare some among those.


Try some of your est Indian Drinks.We crete a different flavour in our drinks.

What our customers say

Some of our Client's Reviews

Friendly service. Generous portions. Pre-cooked and microwave heated upon order but curry's are delish. Only thing missing...Indian sweets... Good value for money.

Zurich, Switzerland

Tiny take-out place, almost hidden, but well worth it. Huge portions, super fresh and tasty food. Highly recommended for adventurers.

Jonathan C

Never got disappointed at Cima Curry in Z�rich and visiting this place for years. The owner is very friendly and food is athentic and always delicious - do not miss out to try the aubergine veggies when they have!

Zurich, Switzerland